Our Products


We breed a selection of heritage chicken each year. We prefer to sell stock at 14-16 weeks, occasionally we sell day-old chicks and fertilised eggs also.


Our  eggs can be purchased at Valiant Coffee Van in our local village of Cobargo and at the weekly SCPA market in Bega. We also cater for special orders.


We breed goats each spring and we whilst we’d love to keep them all, we simply can’t. So, if you are interested in purchasing goats for production or for pets we loved to hear from you.


We are excited to be commencing courses, which we’ve dreamt of doing since moving to Verona. All courses will be run here at schoolhouse farm in the gorgeous old school room.

Goat's Milk Soap

Our goat’s milk soap is now be available for sale. Made fresh from our own milking goats using only natural and sustainable ingredients.

Pastured eggs from free-ranging chickens

The care we take with our chickens is reflected in the quality of our eggs.

We are an animal focused small-scale farm where chickens are raised on specialty foods, grains and have access to an abundance of greens.

Their housing is purpose built with pasture access so they can explore, scratch and forage.

Of course, our flock is primarily made up of heritage breeds, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

The diversity of our flock is echoed in the variety of our eggs – we hope you love the mix as much as we do!

Remember too that choosing local fresh produce supports your local food economy, reduces you environmental footprint and helps build community.


Our  eggs can be purchased atValiant Coffee Van in our local village of Cobargo and at the weekly SCPA market in Bega. We also cater for special orders.

We, SCPA – South East Producers, have a local community food stall at the weekly Friday Bega Produce Market, offering local spray-free/organic food. Our most consistent, sought after produce is Schoolhouse Farm chook eggs.. These heritage hens are consistently high quality from contented free ranging birds. I can highly recommend them! 

Paul McMurray

President, SCPA – South East Producers (Not for profit).

Goats Milk Soap

Goat’s milk soap has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently, although it is a homesteading craft that has been around for a thousand years.

Natural soap following the cold processing method is created by combining oils & fats, water and lye but in goat’s milk soap the water is replaced by milk. Goat’s milk soap is creamy, moisturising, nourishing, rich yet gentle on the skin.

Our 100% goat’s milk soaps are made with simplicity and earthiness in mind.

We use natural ingredients, including essential oils, botanicals and natural colourants.